Rahndo consulting


Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco, not only locally Trade Center but internationally, particularly suited for economic development in emerging African countries.

The eclectic dynamism of the tireless activities are the perfect stimulus for all those who want to not only look out for emerging markets, but also to start an adventure of internationalization in a full evolution multiethnic context.

The Rahndo Consulting presence in this reality is not random, and it is the result of many years experience with patience, passion and expertise from our staff on the spot.

The need to consolidate, evolve and develop a modern company in the full age of globalization are the perfect balance aided the capabilities and possibilities of Rahndo Consulting using modern analytical methods that bring new blood and new ideas to the business.

Your goal is our passion

Casablanca is economical capital and example of the global dynamism. Not only it offers incredible business opportunities, but also an exceptional quality of life, in line with European and international standards.